Sescom - Interconnects Trusted By Audio Professionals

Posted: 4 December 2018

Synopsis: Sescom produce high performance audio professional interface products for the pro audio industry, and we're happy to now have Sescom at SWAMP!

Who Are Sescom?
Sescom is a company and brand that though may not be well known in Australia, audio professionals and engineers in the USA and Europe have at least one or two of their solutions, which they swear by. Sescom produces high performance audio professional interface products for the pro audio industry.

US Engineered
Sescom started in 1975, and their R&D and manufacturing facility is based near the world famous music town of Woodstock, New York. It is a company that predominantly utilises audio engineers to design solutions, for audio engineers. Over the years, they have become synonymous with producing analog and digital problem solving solutions that are used in the highest levels of live music, studio recording, broadcast video, film, worship and pro AV.

IL-19 Bi-Directional In Line Hum Eliminator
The most respected and utilised of their solutions is the IL-19 Inline Audio Hum Eliminator. No matter what situation, in any setup, it literally works every time to remove audio system hums and noise. It is a staple of the audio engineer’s toolkit.

A Range of Useful Solutions
SWAMP offers a range of Sescom solutions. Audio converters, when working with balanced and unbalanced signals are necessary. Switchers are ideal when utilising multiple inputs and outputs, and in-line volume controls are incredibly useful in many situations. 
Sescom, a name synonymous with high quality standards and advanced engineering! 

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