Setup Guide for the Home Vocal Recording Packages

Posted: 25 August 2013

Synopsis: If you have just received your home recording package from SWAMP and are looking for some simple step by step instructions to the setup process, check out our latest guide. We run through everything from setting up the stand, mounting the vocal booth and



Setup Guide

Home Vocal Recording Packages

Included Parts:
1. Heavy Duty Mic Stand
2. Vocal Booth
3. Vocal booth shockmount arm
4. Shockmount
5. Microphone
6. Pop Filter
7. Headphone Hanger
8. Headphones
9. XLR Microphone Cable
10. SWAMP X-USB Audio Interface (optional)
11. USB Cable (included with Interface)

1. Assemble the stand by folding out the three legs and raising the height of the adjustable shaft

  • Loosen the knob on the tripod section to allow the legs to be folded out
  • Raise the height of the vertical pole until adequate for use, and push the metal bar an available hole
  • Tighten both the knob on the tripod base, and the top knob to secure the vertical pole in position

2. Attach the Vocal Booth to the stand using either of the below methods

a) Mic stand top thread mounting:

  • Remove the thread piece and 'shockmount arm' piece


  • Place the 'shockmount arm' piece back onto the stand, followed by the vocal booth itself, and twist the booth around to screw it onto the stand

b) Mic stand tube mounting:

  • Undo the clamps on the back of vocal booth
  • Hold the vocal booth against the tube of the mic stand and tighten the clamp
  • Note: the iSK ARF Stand is too wide in diameter to be mounted by this method. Best suited for thinner microphone stands. 

3. Attach the shockmount onto the 'shockmount arm' piece


4. Place the condenser microphone into the shockmount

  • Squeeze and close together the two small handles on the shockmount to expand the opening for the microphone

5. Attach the pop filter to the stand

6. Attach the headphone hanger and drop on your headphones

Optional - Audio Interface (SWAMP X-USB pictured as example item)

1. Connect the included USB cable to your computer and X-USB for power

2. Attach the XLR cable from the microphone into the Audio Interface

3. Turn '+48V' Phantom Power on

4. Plug in your headphones and adjust the 'volume' to a reasonable level. 12 o'clock is a good starting point

5. Adjust the 'Gain' of the mic channel and 'Volume' of the headphones until you are getting a decent level of signal

6. Adjust the 'Monitor' mix between PB (playback from computer) and MIC (recorded sound from the microphone)

7. Select the Audio Interface as your recording and playback device:

  • Windows 10 (2 options):
  • a) In the "Control Panel", select "Sound"
    • Select the SWAMP X-USB as the "Microphone" in "Recording"
    • Select the SWAMP X-USB as the "Speakers" in "Playback"​​
  • ​b) In the "Settings", select "Sound"
    • ​Select the SWAMP X-USB as the "Input Device"
    • Select the SWAMP X-USB as the "Output Device"
  • Mac OS: In "System Preferences", select "Sound" 
    • ​Select the SWAMP X-USB as the "Input"
    • Select the SWAMP X-USB as the "Output"

8. Select the Audio Interface as your recording device in the "DAW / Recording Software". 
Pictured: Audacity

9. Start your recording!

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problems or questions regarding the setup of our home recording packages, we are here to help.