SWAMP PS-8.0 Power Amplifier - Dual Channel - 2x 800W at 8Ohm

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The SWAMP PS-8.0 is a dual channel power amp capable of delivering 800W of continuous power to (2x) two 8 ohm passive speakers. Given a load of 4 ohm the amp outputs 1200W, whilst in bridge mode, the amp outputs 1400W at 8 ohms.

SWAMP PS-8.0 (2 x 800W per channel) Stereo Power Amplifier
The SWAMP PS-8.0 is a dual channel power amp capable of delivering 800W of continuous power to (2x) two 8 ohm passive speakers. Given a load of 4 ohm the amp outputs 1200W, whilst in bridge mode, the amp outputs 1400W at 8 ohms.

SWAMP PS Series Power Amplifiers
Despite the recent trends in the development of powered speakers, the demand for robust and reliable power amplifiers for standard passive speaker and point source systems has not waned. Which is why SWAMP has released its own brand of quality and affordable power amplifiers suitable for small to medium size PA systems that are comprised of passive front of house and monitor speakers. Each SWAMP power amplifier can be matched with a specific passive speaker from the SWAMP range, or with any other passive speaker on the market.

Switchable Functions - Limit, LPF, Ground Lift, Voltage, Mode
The PS-8.0 has 5 easily accessible switches on the rear that all have an important function. It is recommended to set the Limit Mode switch to ON, which will protect the amp from any accidental or potentially damaging spikes in signal. In addition, there is an LPF function in case of the need to eliminate the bottom end frequency range from the signal, a Ground Lift to assist in eliminating any ground hums, Input Voltage selector (to match to +4dB and -10dB line level signal types) and a Mode Selector that allows use in bridge, mono or the standard stereo channel mode.

Simple to Connect with Speakon Outputs
The SWAMP PS-8.0 has 2 XLR inputs to accommodate a Left and Right FOH signal, or two separate AUX inputs. Output wise, you have the choice of using either the 2 Speakon outputs, or if you don't have a connector, you can connect the cable directly to the binding post outputs. Furthermore, the amp has a link output, which allows you to run multiple amps from the same input signal. This is perfect for running multiple speaker set ups and delay speakers where each speaker set requires the same input signal, but also requires its own amplifier.


  • Two Channels (Stereo)
  • 19" Rack mountable
  • Solid Metal construction
  • Bridge mode
  • Internal cooling fans
  • 16 pairs of Toshiba plastic sealed transistors
  • LED indicator lights, for power, signal, protect and clip
  • Limit Mode, LPF, Ground Lift, Input Voltage, Bridge selector switches
  • Ideal power output for speakers rated between 400W - 600W RMS

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Rating Stereo: 800W @8Ohm, 1200w @4Ohm
  • Bridge Mono: 2000W @8Ohm
  • Signal to Noise: 106dB
  • Slew Rate: 80V/uS
  • Damping Factor: 550:1
  • Frequency Response: +/-0.1dB,20Hz+20KHz
  • THD: less than 0.01% Rated Power@8Ohm 1KHZ
  • IMD: less than 0.01% Rated Power@8Ohm
  • Input Sensitivity: 0.775V, 1.0V, 1.55V
  • LPF :20Hz-180Hz
  • HPF:130Hz-20KHz
  • Input Impedance: 10K/20KOhm unbalanced/balanced
  • Input CMRR: less than -75dB
  • Crosstalk:less than -70dB
  • LED Indicator: Signal, Protect, Detective, Clip/Limiting
  • Input Connectors: XLR
  • Link Connectors: XLR
  • Output Connectors: Speakon and Binding post
  • Power Supply: Switch Mode ~220V 50/60Hz Fuse:T12A
  • Weight : 23Kg
  • Dimensions: 483(W) x 490(D) x 88(H)mm

PS Series Specifications:

Model   PS-3.0 PS-4.5 PS-6.0 PS-8.0
Stereo power 8Ohm 300W 450W 600W 800W
1KHz 0.1%THD 4Ohm 450W 600W 900W 1200W
  2Ohm N/A N/A N/A N/A
Bridge mono power 8Ohm 700W 800W 1200W 1400W
1KHz 0.1% THD 4Ohm N/A 1200W 1600W 2000W
Signal to Noise   103dB 105dB 105dB 106dB
Slew Rate   60V/uS 60V/uS 80V/uS 81V/uS
Damping factor   400:1 450:1 500:1 550:1
Frequency response   +/-0.1dB,20Hz+20KHz
THD   less than 0.01 Rated Power@8Ohm 1KHZ
IMD   less than 0.01 Rated Power@8Ohm
Input sensitivity   0.775V, 1.0V, 1.55V
LPF   20Hz-180Hz Valid
HPF   130Hz-20KHz Valid
Input impedance   10K/20KOhm unbalanced/balanced
Input CMRR   less than -75dB
Crosstalk   less than -70dB
LED Indicator   Signal,Protect,Dective,Clip/Limiting
Main power supply   ~220V 50/60Hz
~220V 50/60Hz
~220V 50/60Hz
~220V 50/60Hz
Net weight   16Kg 17Kg 22Kg 23Kg
Dimensions(mm)   483x420x88 483x490x88

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