Zoom A1 FOUR Acoustic Instrument Processor


Zoom A1-Four Acoustic Instrument Multi-Effect Processor

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Here is the first multi-effects processor designed for a variety of acoustic string and wind instruments. The Zoom A1-four is filled with over 80 effects, including more than 35 new groundbreaking effects, and including a looper and drum machine.


A1-Four Acoustic Instrument Multi-Effect Processor
Here is the first multi-effects processor designed for a variety of acoustic string and wind instruments. The Zoom A1-four is filled with over 80 effects, including more than 35 new groundbreaking effects, and including a looper and drum machine.

For Acoustic Guitar, Sax, Trumpet, Violin, Harmonica ... 
With specially engineered effects, built-in looper and drum machine, you’ve got more than enough processing power. Allowing you to enable up to five simultaneous effects chained together in any order. The Zoom A1 Four also has 50 memory locations to save your patches, while the included Guitar Lab software makes building patches a breeze.

Zoom MAA-1
The Zoom MAA-1 mic adapter provides a hassle-free connection to the A1 Four.  It works with dynamic microphones and even provides phantom power for condenser mics. Add effects to any acoustic instrument and adjust gain settings with the MAA-1’s easy-access controls.

Unlock the Potential of Your Acoustic Guitar
Add a multitude of warm and rich tones to your guitar. From live “unplugged” performance sounds to the finger-playing style of country and blues, there’s so much to choose from. Gorgeous effects and acoustic guitar modeling will take your instrument to places it’s never been before.

Acoustic Guitar Modeling
Add depth and dimension with acoustic emulators and modeling. Refresh your instrument’s natural sound, allowing your live performances to sound just like your studio recordings. Select and hone in on the tone of your favorite guitar make and style.

The A1 Four make it easier than ever to process the sound of your own Acoustic Guitar. With a selection of 15 factories presets (plus13 more available as a free download on Guitar Lab), you can select your favorite AG MODEL, D-28 for example, and recover instantly the sound character of that renowned and original body shape.

IR (Impulse Response) technology is used to capture the sonic fingerprint all guitar shapes and bodies available on the A1 Four and via Guitar Lab. Each AG Model can be adjusted with 4 parameters (Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble) to control the volume and refine the audio output of your modeled sound.

In Patches, you can also set the AG Pickup Selector (AG PU SEL) to match your guitar’s pickup type (Piezo or Magnetic) and add a specific EQ modeled on a variety of dedicated processors.

Give Your Sax an Entirely New Soundscape
Perform that gritty, rock-and-roll sax growl. Or use the lush custom-chorus effect to emulate the sound of jazz fusion. The A1 Four gives sax players a soundscape of possibilities. The all-new “SaxChorus” effect delivers a more natural double-track and thick tone response by softening the modulated sensation typical of a chorus designed for the electric guitar. With ready-made settings for EQ and Compressors, your sax will preserve its acoustically warm sound, even when amplified through mics.

Take Your Trumpet Back to the Future
From the bright sound of electric jazz to our signature Auto Wah sound effect, the A1 gives you inspiration for any style you play. With the “Tp MD70” preset patch the Pedal Wah sound is tuned, resonates and adapts to the low-frequency range and curve of the Trumpet.

Turn Your Violin Into an Orchestra
From the rich, full sound of a string symphony to the raw, distorted explosion of metal, the A1 Four have effects for every genre.

More Body for Your Harmonica’s Soul
Play punchy, mid-range sounds of a blues harp, or experiment with your own new sounds. Breathing new life into your harmonica has never been so much fun. Play through the preset patch “Hm StevieW” and get that famous harmonica sound like the chorus’s wet signal effect is modified to fit the frequency response of the chromatic harmonica.

The A1 even provides you with a truly effective simulation of the Bullet Mic, also known by harmonica players as the Green Bullet. Select the preset patch “Hm Juke” and now hear the legendary amplified, warm tone of the Green Bullet come to life, even when using any standard vocal microphone.

Take Your Upright Bass to New Heights
With focused highs and rich lows, the A1 Four gives you control and flexibility from classical to rockabilly and all styles in between. Add octaves, select your piezo effect or create your own unique signature sound.


  • A1 FOUR offers over 80 built-in effects
  • Dedicated effects for acoustic guitar, saxophone, trumpet, violin, and harmonica
  • Up to 5 effects can be used simultaneously, chained together in any order
  • 50 memory locations for storing user-created patches
  • ZOOM Guitar Lab software for creating, editing and managing effects and patches
  • 68 built-in rhythm patterns tailored for unplugged styles of music can be used in combination with the Looper
  • The onboard chromatic tuner supports all standard guitar tunings, including open and drop tunings
  • Output jack for connection to amp or headphones
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries, with an alkaline battery life of 18 hours; MAA-1 Requires 2 AA batteries
  • USB port for firmware updates, power and connection to ZOOM Guitar Lab


Analog/Digital Digital
EQ 3-band EQ, Graphic EQ
Effects Types 80 x Effects, 5 x Simultaneous; Dynamics, Filters, Overdrives, Amp Models, Cabinet Models, Modulation, Delay, Reverb, SFX
Presets 50 x User Patches, Acoustic Body Modeling, Sax, Trumpet, Violin, Harmonica, 68 x Rhythm Patterns
Looper 30 seconds
Inputs 1 x 1/4″ (instrument), 1 x 1/8″ (aux in) ; MAA-1: 1 x XLR (mic)
Outputs : 1 x 1/4″ (line out/headphones)
USB  1 x Type Micro-B
Bypass Switching Buffered
Software Zoom Guitar Lab Patch Editor (Mac/PC)
Power Source  9V DC power supply (sold separately) / USB powered (some functions limited)
Batteries 4 x AA batteries ; MAA-1: 2 x AA batteries
Dimensions 4cm x 13xm 16xm
Weight 0.34kg (without batteries)
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