The Augustine String Company are the original makers of nylon strings for classical guitars. During the 1940's, Albert Augustine found it more difficult than ever to source quality strings, which at the time were made of animal gut. He began experimenting with fishing line made with a new product called nylon, opening up a new world of possibilities. Further refining of the nylon monofilament, together with developing strings composed of a core nylon multifilament “thread” of silver, it was found to be of the most "noble" sound. 

Before long, the players that would begin to shape the art of the guitar as it came to be known in the 20th century - from Andres Segovia, to Olga Coelho, to the Abreu Brothers, to a young English prodigy named Julian Bream - were all playing “Augustine Strings". The company has been nurturing the musical careers of many of the most influential guitarists of the later 20th and now 21st centuries, and the worldwide guitar community that inspired them to push forward for all guitarists - the fundamental concept by which Augustine Strings continues to operate today.