DSL Straps

In 2005, DSL Straps began production of hand made, high quality straps for musicians. Based in Sydney, Australia these straps are crafted by professional leather craftsmen with many years of leather working technique and experience. DSL Straps combine tried and tested traditional strap making materials with an acute focus on strength, durability and aesthetics. Every DSL Strap series is designed with a specific purpose in mind. Each model takes into account the unique behaviour and balance of the instrument, the requirements of strength and durability, and the preference of the player. Features such as rolled edges for comfort, padding for support and lamination for suspension are tested for tested for practicality, size and placement before becoming a standard part of manufacturing.

All DSL leather is hand-selected from high quality uncut hides. The leather chosen has superior durability and ages well, molding to player and instrument contours and softening over the years to a vintage lived-in appearance. All stitching uses a special heavy-gauge 100% polyester thread chosen for it’s strength and high tolerance to fraying and kinking, and is available in a variety of colours.

DSL Straps mission is to produce straps with unsurpassed strength, comfort and beauty.