RETURNED: JOYO JBA-100 Bass Guitar Amplifier - 100W

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RETURNED: The largest of the JOYO JBA series, the JBA-100 provides 100 watts of output power.

IMPORTANT: This is a returned item. It has a slight noise emitting from the top of the unit - however the tone of the bass is unaffected, and the item is otherwise as-new. The noise can be heard when no audio is passing through the amp, but is not audible when playing. Noise does not seem to be cause of, or related to any fault, and the amplifier has been inspected. 1 year warranty. 

JOYO JBA-100 - 100W Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier
The largest of the JOYO JBA series, the JBA-100 provides 100 watts of output power. Suitable for punching through at any live show, the JBA-100 comes with a 7-band graphic equalizer to achieve that ideal tone, a headphone input for quiet practices, and you can even play along to your own music with the auxiliary/CD input. Speaker and direct outputs as well as an effects send and return open up the possibilities for any type of music and any level of playing skill.

Onboard Graphic EQ
To add to the large list of features, the JBA-100 comes with a 7-band EQ, ranging from 80Hz to 5kHz. Easily create your own perfect tone by making fine adjustments, and further boost these with the separate bass and treble controls.

Auxiliary, Headphones and More!
Featured on the JBA-100 are a huge number of inputs and outputs - making this the ideal go-to amp. On the front, the auxiliary/CD input allows you to connect up any phone, iPod or external music source, so you can play along with your favourite songs, or even your own backing tracks. The headphone input is great for when you need to keep the noise down, and for late night at home practices.

Dual Inputs
With Active and Passive inputs, the JOYO JBA-100 will suit any style of bass. Whether your instrument has a battery operated pick up and is active, or is a simple plug-and-go passive model, the JBA-100 has an input specially designed so you can get the most of out of your bass.

On The Back
The JOYO JBA-100 has even more features on the back: effects loop, direct output and speaker output. The effects loop is great for those who have a number of effects - patch your pedals in after the preamp stage and unclutter your sound. The amplifier itself can be connected to other speakers through the rear speaker output. You can also directly feed the amplifier into another source using the direct output. Perfect for connecting to a mixer in a live situation. The large rear bass port increases the efficiency of your low frequencies, giving you that floor-rumbling thump.

Portable and Perfect For Any Situation
JOYO have designed the JBA-100 to be easy to use, move and hear. The angled tilt design allows the user to lean the amp back, directing the sound higher so it can better be heard while practicing. The top mounted carry handle makes this amp easily portable, so you can transport the JBA-100 with no hassle at all.


  • Bass and Treble Contols, with a 7-Band Graphic EQ
  • Volume and Limiter Control Knobs
  • Limiter Indication Light
  • Angled Tilt Design
  • Top Mounted Carry Handle


  • Model: JBA-100
  • Active/Passive Instrument Inputs: 1/4" (6.36mm) TS
  • Headphone Input: 1/4" (6.35mm) TRS stereo
  • Auxiliary: 2x RCA
  • Effects Send/Return: 1/4" (6.35mm) TS
  • Direct Output: XLR(m)
  • Rated output power: 100W (@ 1kHz, 8ohm, 5% THD)
  • Rated input level (@1kHz):
    • Passive: -20dBu
    • Active: -10dBu
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.3% (@ 1dB, 1kHz)
  • Signal to noise ratio: 67dB (@1dB, 1kHz)
  • Dynamic range: 66dB (Rated output @1kHz)
  • Signal gain:
    • Input to direct out: -20dB
    • Input to preamp out: +20dB
    • Input to speaker out: +51dB
  • Equalizer:
    • Base (100Hz): +/-15dB
    • Treble (10kHz): +/-15dB
  • Graphic EQ (+/-12dB): 80Hz, 160Hz, 315Hz, 630Hz, 1.25kHz, 2.5kHz, 5kHz
  • Headphone output: 700mW @600 ohms
  • Dimensions: 459 x 417 x 576mm
  • Weight: 27.6kg
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