JOYO PXL-Live Guitar Effects Pedal - 8 Loop Controller


JOYO PXL-Live Guitar Effects Pedal Switcher - 8 Loop Foot Controller w MIDI Out

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The PXL-Live is a programmable FX pedal switching system with 4 dual loops (8 single), 32 presets, 2 trigger outs and MIDI out.


The JOYO PXL-Live Guitar FX Single 8 or Dual 4 Channel Switching Pedal
The PXL-Live is a programmable FX pedal switching system for guitarists, and bassists that presents the player with an array of options for combining their effects pedals. The unit has a dual 4 channel design, which enables it to be used in a 4 x dual loop setup or with 8 single loops. Combinations of these loops can be stored across 8 banks of 4 presets, giving a total of 32 preset combinations. The PXL Live also incorporates 2 programmable trigger outputs which can be used as amp channel switches or to control effect functions, such as Reverb On/Off. If this wasn’t enough control, JOYO have now incorporated a 5-pin din MIDI output   

Trigger Points 
The PXL-Live features 2 trigger point options that can be programmed to complete external operations such as amp channel switching, bypass, and amp mode, all of which are storable as presets. This feature centralises control and mitigates the need for additional clutter from extra third party footswitches.

Looping Options
PXL has 2 sets of 4 loops organised within their own individual loops. This each set of loops can be placed at a different gain stage while retain programmable switching control. For example, 4 loops can be placed before an amp’s preamp, such as compressors, filters, boosts and overdrives, and 4 in the amp’s FX loop, such as modulation, delays and reverbs. Loop in and outs will determine whether you are using the PLX-PRO in single 8 or dual 4 channel mode.

Connect Up To 8 Loops of Pedals
With 8 separate Effects send/return channels, you can take full control of your set up through the PLX- PRO. Placement of either a single pedal on a bank, or grouping multiple pedals to form a loop on another will provide you with a specific sounds that can be programmed and switched between in an order that is the most suitable for you. The PLX-PRO will let you take the focus away from where your feet land on your pedal board and let you concentrate on your playing.

MIDI Control Options 
The PXL-Live can send two sets of MIDI data (for example, it can send MIDI CC+ MIDI program change or MIDI CC+CC). This can be used for controlling MIDI-enabled amp or effects pedal function switching without disrupting the other switches and loops.

NOTE: PXL-Live's MlDI connector does not support MIDI input. This PXL-Live cannot be controlled by another MIDI controller. 


  • 32 preset combinations over 4 Banks.
  • Store and Edit push button functions
  • Bank display, trigger status and on/off indicator light
  • Independent send and return 1/4" jacks for pedals
  • Connection: 1/4" jack input and output connectors.
  • Tuner Out
  • Mute Switch
  • 2 Dedicated Trigger in/out points
  • 2 x Loop in, 1 x Loop out
  • Buffered Bypass switch design.
  • Power Supply: 9VDC. 240mA (negative centre polarity)
  • Power working current: 220mA
  • Weight: 1.68kg
  • Dimensions: 541(L)x67(W)x53(H)mm
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Cool device

By: Mike on 11 August 2021
I have two modelers that I wanted to run through my stereo rig. The mechanical switch to switch between them that I built worked but introduced a "hum" noise. Something to do with impedance. I read about the Joyo PXL-Live which has 8 effect loops or 2 x 4 loops. Loops 1-4 would be summed out through L1 out and loops 4-8 via the L2 out. In essence, that would give me 4 stereo returns going out in stereo into my power amp. And yes, I tested it last night. It works fine. It also has midi. Great, but, why only 4 stars? Well, when pushing a button in edit mode with my fingers, I get a light electric zap. The unit wobbles a bit on a flat table. Presumably the steel chassis is slightly twisted. As there is no on/off switch, once the unit gets power, it makes a very loud "pop" noise that could blow your speakers. This is really basic design stuff and shouldn't happen in 2021. Otherwise, and with extreme caution to turn the power amp on LAST, this is a good product with loads of potential.

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