Red Witch

Red Witch Ltd is a company based in New Zealand, which makes analog guitar effect pedals. They strive to blend art and technology into their pedals. They aim to create devices that inspire the player - sonically and visually, and are dedicated to creating unique new pedals - not clones.

In 2003 Ben started Red Witch Analog Ltd. Driven by a vision and a perceived niche in the boutique guitar effects pedal market to produce unique, high quality devices that draw upon the sound and style of the "classic" units used in the 1960's and 1970's but also to give guitar players additional, innovative features and sounds unavailable in any other guitar effect products.

The Red Witch range quickly became available in some of the most influential music stores in the USA and started being used by the very elite of the music industry, including some of the biggest names, like Steve Vai, Steve Lukather and Andy Summers from The Police.