SWAMP's PBO Powered Speaker Range - Class AB, FOH or Monitor Workhorse Speaker

Posted: 14 August 2019

Synopsis: SWAMP Industries is proud to present the new PBO range of powered speakers, available in 10", 12" and 15" sizes. Each of these speakers are excellent for FOH as well as stage monitor functions.

SWAMP Industries is proud to continue its range of workhorse powered PA speakers. The SWAMP PAJ speakers have been an excellent resource for many of our customers, and recently we have added the new PBO range of power speakers to our offer. They are available in the same sizes as the PAJ range: 10", 12" and 15" speakers. It is effectively the same module system as the PAJ series, with a different physical form factor. Now, the PBO range can work excellently as a stage monitor as well, in a horizontal position.

Media Module
The PBO range also uses the same Media Module as the PAJ range. This allows for playback of audio files via SD card or USB, as well as FM radio, and most importantly, the ability to connect via Bluetooth. There is a remote control supplied, to control the media module. Simply point to the module behind the speaker to select the sound source, and control the audio.

FM Mode
Select the mode button until FM appears on the LED screen. Press the "play" button, and the FM module scans the available stations and saves them as presets. Up to 20 stations can be saved. Use the "next track" or "previous track" buttons to scan between the presets.

Bluetooth Connection
Via the Mode button, select Bluetooth. If you haven't paired your device before, the module goes into pairing mode. Simply choose "Bluetooth" in your search results and you will have paired with the PBO / PAJ speaker.

One popular feature of these speakers is the availability of a range of connections, via the mixer section at the back of the speaker. For the 15" and the 12" speakers, there are two microphone inputs, with a choice of XLR or jack connections. There is a line input as well, offering XLR and RCA, as well as a Line output. Each input has a separate volume control, and the Main Volume control is accompanied with a Treble and Bass control as well.

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