Hangzhou Worlde Digital Piano Co., Ltd. (Hangzhou Worlde Music Electronic Co., Ltd.), founded in 1999, is one of China's top digital piano producers. With a strong engineering team, and experienced software and hardware design team, Worlde have become one of China's few enterprises owning proprietary intellectual property, with over ten years experience in the design, production and management of electronic products.

Within the electro-acoustic instrument field, Worlde produce everything from first-generation analog electronic pianos to high-quality PCM audio digital pianos, and have been an active part of the modification of Chinese industrial and national standards for digital pianos, MIDI keyboards and electronic drums.

The Worlde product range includes digital pianos, electronic pianos, electronic drums, MIDI controllers, synthesizers, music teaching systems and equipment, and more. With a large factory and production area, Worlde are heavy players in the international market, exporting to more than 30 countries.

Worlde are dedicated to offering philharmonics professional electro-acoustic instruments that can stand for themselves in a competitive market without breaking the budget.