SWAMP Mixing Desk 6 Channel 4 Mic Preamps Bluetooth

SWAMP 6 Channel Mixing Desk - 4 Mic Preamps - Graphic EQ - Bluetooth

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4 XLR Mic Preamp Inputs - 2x Stereo 1/4" Inputs. 7-Band Graphic Equalizer, Bluetooth connectivity and rack rails for 19" rack mounting. The M-series mixers from SWAMP boast a sleek, compact design in a durable lightweight housing at an affordable price.


NOTE: Remote shown in manual is no longer included.

SWAMP M206 Mixing Desk - 4 XLR Mic Preamp Inputs - 2x Stereo 1/4" Inputs
The M-series mixers from SWAMP boast a sleek, compact design in a durable lightweight housing at an affordable price. Featuring all the controls you'd expect from a modern mixing console, the M-series are a no nonsense workhorse suited perfectly for a gigging band, solo artist, function venue, or rehearsal studio. Includes audio playback module

7-Band Graphic Equalizer
A 7-band EQ enables the main output to be tweaked for particular rooms and venues. Graphic equalizers are the main backbone for good sound in a venue, providing a clear representation of the frequency spectrum. They allow the user to cut certain frequencies that are prone to feedback, and boost certain frequencies that may be lost due to the acoustics of the room.

AUX / FX Sends and Routing
Equipped with an auxiliary (AUX) send, that allows an additional "mix" of channels to be sent from the mixing console to foldback speakers or outboard effects. Ideal for creating foldback mixes for on stage performers. Each channel can be set to have the signal sent to the AUX send either PFL or AFL (Pre Fader Level, After Fader Level). The FX send channel can also be used as a 2nd AUX send.

The M Series mixers also includes a stereo sub group, allowing for an alternative output of selected channels via the Sub 1-2 Out XLR's. The sub-group can also be routed into the main mix, allowing for channels sent to the sub-group to be added to the mix via a single fader.

Monitor and Headphone Outputs
The monitor output enables the main mix to be sent to an alternative set of speakers, mixing desk, or recording interface. While the headphone output allows the user to solo channels by pressing the 'PFL' or 'AFL' buttons, and listen to the main mix without the confusion of room acoustics getting in the way.

Quality Mic Preamps
Critical to the performance of any decent audio mixer are the in-built microphone preamps. The M-series preamps offer undistorted, noise-free gain with plenty of headroom, usually reserved for more costly mixing consoles and outboard preamps units.

In-Built Delay Effect
Each channel has an FX control knob that will send the signal to the in-built 'delay' effect processor. There is a single 'reverb like' delay effect that is highly controllable via the FX, Del and Rep knobs. The FX knob controls the prominence of the delayed signal, while the delay time and fade out of the delay are controlled by the 'Del' and 'Rep' knobs respectively.

3 Band EQ Channel Strip
Each channel strip has a standard 3-band EQ with Bass, Mid and High controls. 15dB of level control each way gives the audio engineer plenty to work with.

Built in Audio Playback Module with Bluetooth, USB and SD Card
The M series includes an on board MP3 player / audio playback module that be connected to via Bluetooth or direct, wireless connections to any smartphone, or laptop for simple audio playback. Or you can also connect using a USB drive or SD memory card. It's also an ideal choice for gigging bands who want to play smooth tunes between sets to keep the crowd hungry.


  • 4 Mic Preamps
  • 2 Stereo Line inputs
  • 7-band Main Mix EQ
  • 1 AUX / Monitor send channel (2 if FX used as AUX)
  • On board Effects processor
  • On board USB/SD recorder
  • Audio playback module supporting Bluetooth, USB stick or SD card
  • Headphone Output
  • Supplies 48V Phantom Power


Maximum Input Level:

Mic +24dBu
Line: +24dBu

Other Line: +20dBu

Maximum Output Level: Main XLR: +26dBu
TRS +20dBu
Meters: 3 Colour LED, quasi peak response
Sensitivity: 0VU=+4dBu
Master Meter: 12 Segment, -30dB to Clip
Channel Meter: Green LED, Signal Indication
Frequency Response +/-0.5dB, 20Hz - 30KHz
Mic CMRR at 1KHz: >75dB Typical
THD+n at +14dBu at 1KHz: Mic to mix out <0.01%
Crosstalk (@ 1KHz):

Fader Shutoff >85dB
Mute Shutoff >85dB
Inter-Channel >82dB

Noise, rms 20Hz to 20KHz:

Mic Input EIN -122dBu
Residual output noise <-90dB
Main mix fader unity <-82dBu
Aux mix noise <-82dBu

3-Band EQ

High: Shelving +/-15dB - 12KHz
Mid: Peaking +/-15dB - 2.5KHz
Low: Shelving +/-15dB - 80Hz

Mono Channel

XLR balanced, pin-2 hot, 2kOhm, -60 to +14dBu
TRS balanced, tip hot, 10kOhm, -40 to +14dBu
XLR Phantom +48V

Stereo Channel TRS unbalanced, tip hot, 10kOhm, -40 to +14dBu
2-track Return RCA unbalanced, 4kOhm, -2dBu
2-track Send RCA unbalanced, <75Ohm, -2dBu
L/R Output XLR balanced, pin-2 hot, <75Ohm, +4dBu
(+22dBu max)
Sub 1-2 Output XLR balanced, pin-2 hot, <75Ohm, +4dBu
(+22dBu max)
FX / Aux Output TRS unbalanced, tip hot, <75Ohm, -2dBu
(+18dBu max)
Headphones TRS, tip L, ring R, 30-600 Ohm recommended
Power Consumption: 40 Watts
Power Supply: 110-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 360mm(w)x322mm(d)x78mm(h)
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Couldn't be happier!

By: Markus on 6 November 2020
I bought this a few years ago for the home karaoke/party set up and it has exceeded all expectations, especially considering the budget price. Produces clean sounds and the recording and mp3 playback capabilities, not to mention Bluetooth connectability, are great! My more expensive 2 channel Behringer with not even halve the features crapped out on me (might have been a power surge?) and as a quick replacement, I found this mixer on the Swamp website and figured at that price, if it only just does the job I'm happy. It is still running some 3 year later and as I mentioned before, is feature rich for the money you pay. I will have no hesitation purchasing another one were this to eventually fail.

review for SWAMP 6 Channel Mixing Desk

By: Bryce on 21 November 2016
I bought this mixer as a starter as i am gust starting out in the world of professional audio. Because I am only starting out i have a tight budget the swamp m206 is at an affordable price. most other 6 Chanel mixers are about $400 but the m206 is only $200. Over all this is a hight quality mixer for only half the price of other mixers of this quality.


By: Anonymous on 21 November 2016
Purchased this unit for a home studio set up. Has all I need for recording into Garage Band and plenty of options for rehearsal. Takes inputs from guitar practice amp, metronome/click track, pc, mic's etc. The EQ is very versatile & 'warm'. It has great features that I thought I would have to pay more to get. Overall, this is a very nice unit & fits the application nicely at a very good price. Swamp have done well with these. Highly recommended.
By: Pascal BOULIGAND on 9 October 2015
i am very satisfied with my purchase. I am in france and the package arrived within no more than one week, sooner than expected.
By: Jeff Thompson on 27 December 2014
This is a fantastic unit. The on board recording facilities and intuitive design makes this easy to use. Great for podcasting. I highly recommend this product.

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