AudioCenter Dual L65+L65S Active DSP Column System


AudioCenter Dual L65+L65S Active DSP Column System

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This AudioCenter L Series PA package consists of a pair of L65S active subwoofers and L65 passive column speakers, creating a quality compact DSP column system. Combined total of 7200W peak power, at an SPL of 134dB per side. Ideal compact PA for bands.


AudioCenter Dual L65+L65S Active DSP Column System
This AudioCenter L Series PA package consists of a pair of L65S active subwoofers and L65 passive column speakers, creating a quality compact DSP column system. Combined total of 7200W peak power, at an SPL of 134dB per side. Ideal PA for bands.

Powerful Column System
This Audiocenter L-Series PA is a pair of compact multi-purpose active DSP column systems consisting of 2x passive full-range column speaker L65 and 2x active DSP controlled single 18" subwoofer L65S. The L65 contains 6x 5” customised AudioCenter ferrite LF drivers and 4x 1" customised Beyma ferrite HF drivers.  The drivers in the L65 are arranged using Phycal technology to maximise the coverage of the vertical sonic beam. The drivers in the cabinet work as one integrative full range speaker system, which achieve excellent frequency responses and sound performance. The L65S is an active DSP controlled compact subwoofer with 1x 18" customised Audiocenter ferrite driver and a Class D amplifier module. This efficient system has built-in Bluetooth and multiple signal inputs. The combined speaker system has 7200W of peak power, with a maximum SPL of 134dB for each column. The built-in crossover provides 96kHz signal sampling frequency, and 24bit DSP precision controlled.

Easy Connections
Utilising Neutrik panel mount connectors, there are two combo jack/XLR inputs with separate gain controls and a mic/line switch. An XLR mix out can connect easily to another powered speaker. There are separate master volume and sub volume controls. A USB port is available for utilising DSP software. Finally, bluetooth is available with a pairing button for ease of use.

Patented Technologies
With its advanced technology and scientific methodology, BrainCore analyses and processes the input signal, DSP module, Class D amplifier and loudspeaker optimally, achieving excellent frequency response and audio reproduction even at high levels of SPL. The ETE waveguide system technology calculates the perfect frequency response, providing the most accurate horizontal coverage, ensuring clear sonic signals. The driver design is arranged by sophisticated measurement and physical calibration - Phycal - technology, raising the coverage of the vertical acoustic sonic spectrum. These technologies were researched and developed by Audiocenter. This system uses an advanced cooling system with a moulded large heatsink improving the cooling efficiency, ensuring high reliability.

Class D Amplifier and Bluetooth
The built-in wireless bluetooth is stable and reliable, providing clean true sound reporduction. The Class D amplifier is an adopting DSP switching power supplymulti-channel digital amplifier developed in orientation, is stable and efficient, ensuring high quality sound performance.



Active DSP-controlled Column Speaker System

Frequency Response(-6dB anechoic chamber)


Maximum Calculated


134dB per side


Customised Audiocenter ferrite driver, 18” driver

Mid-high Driver

Customised Audiocenter ferrite LF driver, 6pcs 5” drivers / HF 4x 1" drivers

Horizontal Coverage Angle(Symmetrical)


Vertical Coverage Angle(Symmetrical)





96KHz signal sampling frequency, 24bit precision controlled by DSP

Class D amplifier



Frequency Response


Intermodulation Distortion


Total Harmonic Distortion



DC protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection, input overload protection, output overload protection, soft startup protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection

Cooling System

Fans + air convection


Signal Input

2×Combo (NEUTRIK® female XLR & Mono jack 6.35), 1×Bluetooth

Signal Output 


Amplifier Output Link L83


Column input Link L83S


Power Input

3 pin power socket

Working Voltage

100-130V/60Hz or 220-240V/50Hz


Cabinet Material

CNC made of excellent wood

L83 base bracket hole

Φ35mm (0/10° adjustable)

L83S base bracket hole

M20 base Φ35mm

Cabinet Color

Black is standard and default color.



156mm × 1224mm × 177mm


590mm x 599mm x 815mm

Height for 1pc L65 + 1pc L65S + Pole


Net Weight per side





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Tim T

By: Anonymous on 26 February 2024
These systems are great. I find the l65 and l65s to work in small to mid size venues perfectly. I’m finding there is way less room tuning and super even coverage at low volume and higher levels. Really easy pa to make sound nice. I’ve been doing live sound for 22 years and I would be feel most safe sending this rig out with someone that has little experience knowing they will achieve a good sound easily

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