JOYO BlueJay 20W Tube Amp Head banTamP w 8" Cab


JOYO banTamP "BlueJay" 20W Hybrid Tube Amp Head US Clean w 8" Cab

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The BlueJay from JOYO’s BantamP series is a very compact and portable 20 Watt head voiced for players after the classic American Tweed or Blackface clean sound. The cabinet features an 8" Celestion speaker, 15w at 8 ohms. Perfect match for a banTamP.



JOYO banTamP BlueJay - American Tweed Clean
The BlueJay from JOYO’s banTamP series is a very compact and portable 20 Watt head voiced for players after the classic American Tweed or Blackface clean sound. The amp got its name not from its feathered namesake but rather from the fact that it can be a great companion for Blues and Jazz playing. Its warm clean tones are reminiscent of the classic 50s and 60s amps hailing from California. BlueJay can do more than clean though, it can also deliver rich overdrive tones that make you want to play those pentatonic licks all day long. 

Real Tube Design
The amp operates with a single 12AX7 tube in the preamp stage and uses a solid state Class D power amp. The vintage voicing of the valve preamp gives the amp its tone, responsive dynamics and character, while the advanced Class D power amp keeps the weight low and the power high.   

Two Channels and FX Loop
JOYO has packed a remarkable amount of tonal flexibility into the tiny banTamP chassis. The amp includes two channels, Clean and Bright. The clean takes pedals very well, which makes it a great little companion for many situations where your “big" head is just not sensible, while the bright channel is great for livening up guitars with richer sounding pickups like humbuckers. The 12AX7 circuit breaks up organically to create a variety of pleasing drive tones when the gain is turned up. If this wasn't enough sonic variety, JOYO has also squeezed in an FX loop, which enables time based effects (or Phasers, Flangers and Choruses) to be inserted after the drive section to keep the effects sharp and not prevent them from being too muddy.

Useful Features
BanTamP includes one speaker out rated at 8Ω but it can also be operated at 16Ω with less power. The amp is small, but loud; its 20 watts can be quite a handful! For when quiet volumes are required, JOYO have built in a headphone out with speaker emulation. If all of these tricks weren't enough, banTamPs also feature BLUETOOTH connectivity. This means simple connection to BLUETOOTH enabled devices for playing music through the banTamP, great for playing along to backing tracks or learning songs during practice.

BT-CAB BantCab 15W Guitar Cabinet for banTamP with Celestion 8 Inch Speaker
The BantCab is designed to match the extraordinary capabilities of the banTamP range. The cabinet features an 8" Celestion speaker, 15W at 8 ohms. With it's slant-back design, it is the perfect companion for the banTamP.

Great Design and Tone
The cabinet is of a slant / closed back design, ideal for an 8" speaker. It is a sturdy cab made with 12mm MDF, and the Celestion speaker has maximum input peak power of 20W. For creating classic amp rock tones, and ensuring well balanced mids and highs and a complimenting meaty bottom end, it is the biggest sounding 8" speaker you can get in this size cab.

bantAmp Features and Specifications:

  • Preamp Circuit: JFET+ 1 x 12AX7
  • Power Amp: CLASS D
  • Channel Mode: CLEAN / BRIGHT
  • Amp Power: 20W(RMS)
  • Aux In Function: Bluetooth music playing
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.0
  • Power: Input AC 110-240V 50/60Hz OUTPUT DC18V/2.0A  (included)
  • Size 163mm(L) x 110mm(H) x 140mm(W)
  • Weight 1.2kg 

Cab Specifications:​

  • Speaker Model: Celestion EIGHT 15
  • Speaker Size: 8 inch
  • Max. Input Peak Power: 20W
  • Input Sensitivity: 95dB
  • Input Impedance: 1kHz/8Ω
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz - 5kHz / 6dB
  • Resonant Frequency: 170Hz
  • Dimension: L324xW160xH260mm
  • Net Weight: 4.01Kg 
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