Michael Kelly Guitars

Starting in 1999, Michael Kelly Guitars has always taken a unique path. The focus has been to start with sound and top it off with a bold, boutique-inspired appearance. When Michael Kelly launched, they, in fact, only offered mandolins and acoustic basses. These two markets had been under served and musicians could not buy a great sounding instrument without breaking the bank. The Michael Kelly Dragonfly collection of both acoustic basses and mandolins quickly became popular and hard to get. Musicians were drawn to their decidedly custom appearance and then fell in love with their sound and performance.

By 2001, Michael Kelly Guitars added its first acoustic guitars and electric guitars. These collections have evolved and are now sold around the world. To this day, Michael Kelly remains focused on their vision statement to be "Built On Sound" and each time they put the cherry on top by giving the musician a bold look. They are proud that they do not offer the cookie cutter boring guitars that are readily available from so many brands. They know there are players that prefer classic simplicity and they very much respect that. However, Michael Kelly will continue to be the brand of choice for those that prefer something more boutique and unique.

Highly underated, Michael Kelly Guitars continue to inspire!