SWAMP DI-120 Stereo Direct Box - 2 Channel Passive


SWAMP DI-120 Passive Stereo DI Direct Box - 2 Channel

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The SWAMP DI120 Stereo Direct Box (DI box) is a quality 2 channel passive direct box for transforming high-impedance (Hi-Z), unbalanced guitar/instrument outputs into low-impedance, balanced inputs.


Quality Passive Direct Box
The SWAMP DI120 Stereo Direct Box (DI box) is a quality 2 channel passive direct box for transforming high-impedance (Hi-Z), unbalanced guitar/instrument outputs into low-impedance, balanced inputs.

When to use a DI?
A DI box basically turns a "instrument" signal, into a "mic" signal. Used when you have an unbalanced, high impedance instrument, like a guitar or keyboard, and want to plug it into balanced XLR microphone input, such as on a mixing desk / PA system. Vital for stage performers that are required to plug into balanced XLR multicore stage boxes.

Stereo Inputs
Featuring dual inputs, This DI is perfect for any keyboard player, allowing both left and right channels to run through the same unit. Also useful for multiple acoustic guitars. Combining two DI's into one, this unit will save loads of space on stage.

Pad, Ground Lift and Link Outputs
Link outputs allow the musician to also connect to their regular stage amps as well as sending a signal to the mixing desk. Selectable pad settings will dampen hot signals and a ground lift switch for each channel can remove ground loop noises.


  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Noise Level (22Hz - 22KHz,Input Shorted) : -100dBu
  • Input Impedance: 50kohms
  • Load Impedance: 600ohms
  • Input: Two 1/4" Phone Jacks, Unbalanced
  • Output: Two XLR connectors, Balanced
  • Link Output: Two 1/4" Phone Jacks, Unbalanced, Pre-pad
  • PAD switch: 0dB, -20dB, -40dB setting / two switches
  • Dimensions: 135x114x47.5mm
  • Ground Lift Switches
  • Rubber Feet Pad
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Swamp DI box

By: John Beeton on 13 January 2021
It works well for me ! I use it to reduce the mixer signal line-level down to a usable mic- level , a signal that my mini stereo zoom H1 recorder can handle with zero clipping.. Also I use the ground lift on one side. The DI box has three levels of db input levels which can be adjusted independently. The Swamp DI-120 is a solid unit

Great Value

By: Bradley Hunter on 15 October 2017
At less than half the price for comparable passive stereo DIs it's great value. Solid unit. Been using for six months now and it has been faultless.

SWAMP DI-120 Passive Stereo DI Direct Box

By: Peter Dohnt on 23 September 2017
Purchased for use as a keyboard DI but on the night was required for line level from a PC for audio over distance accompanying video projection. The audio was a relatively hot line level and there was no hysteresis distortion to be heard. Delivery was quick and the value for money on this product is excellent. I cannot speak to standard instrument level use but see no reason why it would perform any less well. Recommended item. Exactly what was expected I give this 4 stars instead of 5 only because the transformer is not specced.
By: Sean on 31 January 2016
Solid little unit. Using for running backing tracks thru FOH and in-ears it has been flawless.
By: Joe Sperenini on 15 September 2014
Great product at a fantastic price. Swamp Industries always have products that are professional quality at excellent prices and often on sale! Purchased items always arrive on time and well packaged. Fantatsic customer support and feedback.
By: Carmel Rivarolo on 30 August 2014
works we'll and doesn't feel cheap either., affordable price for a quality product!!
By: Alan Doyle on 14 July 2014
Excellent little box and does exactly what it says on the tin so-to-speak
By: Mr. Peter Foote on 13 July 2014
Great product for the price. But you expect that from Swamp. The guitaists in the band all have 2 guitars so we just have one box each and this helps keep the leads from tangling. The other thing is the ground switch. I was getting a horrible rumble throught the bass and when I flicked the switch the rumble was barely audible. When I took the bass in it was as earthing problem.
By: Mr. David J. Mason on 11 July 2014
This is a wonderful product I ever purchase and done some comparison's before I purchase this product. Thank you so much.
By: Sambuccashots on 20 January 2014
Using this DI with a Roland TD6 Drum module and Roland triggers on an acoustic drum kit. Running the module via the DI into the PA gives a warm and reliable sound. Terrific gear for the price. Solid construction.
By: Shane McNeil on 22 December 2013
I ordered 3 and am very happy with them. Good and solid. Dual channel. Simple to use.
By: Iain Grassick on 7 April 2013
Tried out the two channel passive DI box at the weekend, worked great with two guitars and when the next act (keyboard player) set up, the 2 channels worked really well to deliver crisp sound from the R and L keyboard outputs.
By: Sean Edmondstone on 7 April 2013
Great DI box. Very solid construction, wouldnt have to worried if we use it at gigs. Its main purpose is to interface with our Behringer desk and it achieves this with a fairly clean signal.
By: Leonard Thistlethwaite on 30 March 2013
Nothing to dislike about this DI. Perfect for stereo keyboards or two individual guitars. Robust simple design, easy to use, with all the basic controls you need for live stage performances. We use two DI-120s and would purchase more if necessary.
By: Ms. fiona mitchell on 27 March 2013
swamp send things so quickly and always offer a great price,their products are good quality and their range extensive.I know I can trust them,plus they offer special deals to return customers.
By: James on 24 September 2012
Good value stereo/dual mono DI

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