Home Studio Vocal Recording Package - BM-700 Condenser + 3 Channel USB Mixer

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Complete home recording package including the SWAMP SM11 3 Channel USB Mixer Interface and iSK BM-700 Studio Condenser Microphone.

Professional Home Recording Package
iSK and SWAMP have teamed up to deliver a perfect combination of products suited for home studios and those serious about producing professional audio and vocal recordings at home. Finally you can record high quality tracks without the need for overly expensive equipment or studio session time.

Audio Interface Included
The SM11 might be small, but with 3 input channels, main outs, a headphone out and a USB audio interface, this mixer has everything you need to start mixing and recording. The XLR / TRS combination input is capable of accepting microphone level, Hi-Z instrument level (guitar) or even line level signals. The 2/3 mix channel with stereo 1/4" line input allows for connecting to keyboards or other line level instruments. On top of this, the AD/DA USB interface allows for simultaneous recording and playback without affecting the recorded signal, making this little mixer the perfect hub for a small computer-based recording setup.

What's included:

 iSK RF-2 Reflection Filter / Vocal Booth

  • A portable recording unit that will reduce room ambience within a recording. It has advanced absorptive walls consisting of 5 pieces of high quality metal panels with conical foam layering.

 iSK BM-700 Condenser Microphone 

  • Perfect vocal recording microphone for home studios, which captures sound with incredible clarity and warmth. Also great for instruments, such as acoustic guitars. The BM-700 delivers an accurate and true sound never heard before on a mic of this price.

 SWAMP SM11 3 Channel USB Mixer

  • SWAMP's very own 3 channel USB mixer/interface. Featuring 1x mic pre-amp combo connector for microphones or instruments, stereo line input for electronic gear, and true stereo USB interface with plug-and-play connectivity. 

 iSK HP-980 Professional Monitoring Headphones 

  • Closed-back design, ideal for studio monitoring applications. Featuring a flat frequency response and high power output. New generation of XXL membrane high definition driver delivers an accurate and exquisite sound.

 iSK SPS014 Microphone Pop-Filter 

  • Filter for vocal recording in the studio. Assists in reducing sibilance ('S' sounds) and plosives ('P' and 'B' sounds), and is an essential piece of kit for any studio en.

 SWAMP Vocal Booth Stand

  • Built tough with thick metal tubing, while featuring a narrow tripod base to save on floor space. Suitable for supporting all the iSK vocal booths.

 Headphone Hanger 

  • A great little device that can be attached to any microphone stand, allowing for a pair of headphones to be hung in a convenient position.
 SWAMP XLR Cable - 5m
  • To enable the connection of the microphone to your mixer or audio device, a quality balanced and dual shielded XLR cable is included.

 USB A to B - 2m cable

  • To enable the connection of the audio interface to your computer, a 2m fully shielded USB cable is included (included with SWAMP SM11).







































More Home Recording Packages from SWAMP

We offer a range of different home recording packages to suit different needs and budgets. We offer packages with an "Audio Interface" included, that require absolutely nothing else except a computer to start recording. We also offer packages without the interface, in case you already have one or a suitable computer sound card. You can then select from different microphone, vocal booth and headphone combinations to tailor the packages to your preferences, needs, and budget.





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1 December 2017
This came in so fast, I've recorded heaps of tracks on this mic, perfect for a home studio

Home Studio Vocal Recording Package - BM-700 Conde

12 December 2016
I chose this package for location work, recording on an iPad2 . The BM 700 mic sounded nice and the USB interface was great when tested using my iMac but the iPad2 couldn't provide enough power for the phantom power. The home studio package is good value, but the USB interface is not for iPad2.

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