TC-Helicon are at the forefront of vocal effects technology. They are constantly developing new exciting algorithms to sculpt and perfect the singing voice, turning it into a formidable harmony driven instrument in it's own right. Their range includes everything from intuitive auto-key harmony effects to pitch correction / adjustment and looping pedals. TC-Helicon pedals are renowned for being at once user-friendly and hugely customizable. You'll be amazed what you can achieve with a TC pedal.


"At TC-Helicon we truly believe that the voice is the world’s most beautiful instrument. We don’t mean to degrade other beautiful instruments, but the singing voice is the anthropological source for all things melodic."


“Helicon” is a mountain in Southern Greece where the Muses – those nine daughters of Zeus who inspire musicians, singers, poets and artists – were said to reside. In Mythology, Helicon is a place where the singing voice is elevated to its highest levels."


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