Avid Audio (formerly Digidesign) was founded in 1984 by Peter Gotcher and Evan Brooks as Digidrums, with their flagship software product being Pro Tools, one of the first multi-tracking audio software systems responsible for changing the way music is recorded and produced forever.

The software that would later become Pro Tools was called Sound Designer. Designed in 1984, to edit sounds on sampling synthesisers by transferring them to a computer, where they could be manipulated before being transferred back to the synth. By 1989, Digidrums had become Digidesign, and Sound Designer had morphed into Sound Tools, the world's first digital audio workstation or DAW.

Pro Tools as we know it was launched in 1991, and has become the industry standard for recording studios all over the world. Such is the DAW's impact that Digidesign won a Grammy in 2001, and an Oscar for their contribution to audio post production for film. In 2011, the company officially became Avid Audio, a good fit for the brand that brought the recording process to the masses.