Studio Gear

So you want to set up your own home studio but don't know where to start. The first thing you need is recording equipment and software. Once you have all the hardware and software, you need to fit out your studio with all the extras.

Acoustic Treatment
You will need to treat your recording booth acoustically. Lining your walls with acoustic foam will play a big part in reducing unwanted spatial noise or reverb, as well as preventing a certain amount of outside noise sneaking its way into your hard earned recordings. As well as acoustic foam, you can use specially designed vocal reflection filter booths that attach onto your mic stand. A pop filter should also be used when recording vocals to reduce the impact of sibilence (S's) and plosives (P's) caused by excess air movement in the microphone.

Equipment Mounting
You can't leave all your expensive recording equipment lying around on the floor. You need things like tables and stands and rack cases. With a specially designed mixing table, with space for your computer, mixing desk, keyboard, and speakers, you can have everything at your fingertips. You will also want to mount your studio gear in a rack case. It looks much neater that way and provides all your expensive compressors and graphic EQs with protection.