5x Alice Electric Guitar Strings 10-46 - 5 Sets

5x Alice Electric Guitar Strings 10-46 - 5 Sets
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5x (Five) sets of Alice AE530-L Light Steel Electric Guitar Strings, .010/.

5x (Five) sets of Alice AE530-L Light Steel Electric Guitar Strings, .010/.046"

Alice strings are made exclusively from material imported from the USA, Germany, France and Japan. Using advanced manufacturing technologies, Alice strings are renowned for precise pronunciation, sweet timbre and good durability, all at a low price. With these advantages, Alice guitar strings are the preferred choice of many musicians.

Suitable for electric guitars.

String gauges in inches.

  • E. 1st - .010"
  • B. 2nd - .013"
  • G. 3rd - .017"
  • D. 4th - .026"
  • A. 5th - .036"
  • E. 6th - .046"
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Great strings at a great price

By: on 28 August 2016
Strings feel very nice, no complaints at all. Quick postage and great price, thanks!

By: on 4 February 2015
Lloyd Rayner wrote a great review of these strings, and I fully support all of his conclusions. These strings are extremely durable, much more so than many of the leading brands. They hold tune and tone over a much longer period than many other brands, but best of all, they maintain their stuructural integrity better than any strings I've ever used. In other words, they just don't snap as quickly as the big name brands do. For beginners, or anyone not playing professionally, you simply can't go wrong with these strings. Their consistency and durability far outweighs any other brand I've used. For the professional player, you will be surprised by the quality of these strings, and how long they hold their brightness for - something that many of the big names just can't match. All in all, these strings are fantastic value, and far better quality than many of the so called "pro" brands.

By: on 24 April 2013
I'm mainly a bass player and as such, only a "part-time" or "intermittent" guitarist when it comes to the 6 stringer. I only play rhythm and not solo's, and when selecting strings, my priority is a good balance in durability between life and tone. I'm not wasting money by leaving the instrument sitting for long periods without playing. Under these conditions, I've found Alice to be the best value for money strings that I've ever used. The last 5 pack I bought was on 14/10/2012 - one guitar is still on it's original set of strings, and I've just put the 3rd set on the guitar that I practice with daily. That's 3 months from each of the first 2 sets with daily use! I highly recommend these strings for beginners or "intermittent" players like myself. Note: Although I play almost daily, I don't "gig" on guitar, so I'm happy to leave reviews regarding "gig conditions" to the experts. ;)

By: on 17 April 2013
I own several guitars 4 Gibsons and 1 strat a kramer and also an accoustic arch top 'F' hole guitar circa 1925. Since using swamp to supply me with alice strings I find that my expenditure has dropped but not the quality of the product and I thank Tom and the boys for this. I have been playing for some 40 years all genres of music. Strings always let you down one way or another. This brand hasn't .......as yet so considering the length of time I have used Alice strings, I don't assume they will.

By: on 2 April 2013
The strings are great value and delivery was exceptionally quick.

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