From 1995, Elixir Strings have worked to succeed where other manufacturers had failed: by creating a corrosion resistant, long lasting, dirt protected string, without any sacrifice to the players tone. With their signature POLYWEB and NANOWEB coating, Elixir were able to achieve just that. 

With a microscopically thin coating on each string, Elixir are known to produce some of the smoothest playing strings on the market. Available in a wide variety of gauges for classical, steel, electric and bass guitars, Elixir are bound to produce the strings for you. Their patented and unique coatings make Elixir strings last longer than any alternative, retaining their tone for months on end, meaning more time between string changes, fewer breakages, and more money saved by purchasing strings less often! Elixir strings make sure that no matter what, the guitar is always read to go, whenever you are.