Aquila Corde Armoniche is one of the most renowned music companies in the world - a string company both for their historical strings for early music but also modern experimentation and the variety of styles and sounds of their strings. It is famous for the NYLGUT invention, a product that has revolutionised the ukulele world. All of their strings varieties are super high quality with above average projection and intonation.

Aquila's NYLGUT series stems from the development of a new synthetic material that can imitate the acoustical characteristics of gut but without the typical defects such as high cost, short string life, and severe instability to changes of climate. This has always been a fundamental goal of their research and development. There are 5 versions of the NYLGUT series: New Nylgut – which is the current version of their standard and most popular line of strings; Lava Series – which is essentially the same as new nylguts, but in a cool silky black color; Red Series – which adds a red copper powder to the nylgut formula to increase string density and improve intonation, increase volume and brightness, and reduce breakage; Super Nylgut – which is the most recent improvement to the nylgut formula, designed to reduce string-stretch, improve tuning stability, and add a smooth outer playing surface.  (It’s also more expensive); and the Bionylon – which is the first “eco-friendly” string, made 100% natural castor oil, significantly cutting down on pollution from manufacturing.