Empress Effects

In 2005, having recently graduated from Queens University with a degree in electrical engineering, Steve was approached by a friend looking for a tremolo with a set of features that were unavailable on the market at the time. 7 Months later, Steve presented the tremolo to his friend. Turns out that his friend had already bought another tremolo and no longer needed it. Steve, now stuck with this new tremolo, went to sell it at a local used instruments store. The store liked it so much that they ordered 10. After speaking with a few other retailers, it was clear that there was a demand for these pedals. Thus Empress Effects was born.

At Empress Effects, they strive to make original and exciting effects. Every effort is made to ensure the highest possible sound quality in every pedal. They aim to maximize the tonal possibilities with innovative features, yet remain focused on providing an intuitive user experience while keeping the footprint on the pedalboard minimal. Their goal is to inspire musicians, and give them the tools to create any sound they can dream of (and even some they can't).