Music Nomad

Born in 2008, and with a strong desire to help independant musicians, MusicNomad became a premier resource to help musicians produce, sell and support their music. In order to support this now massive resource, the owner of Music Nomad, Rand Rognlien, returned to his "day job" roots, developing high quality and innovative cleaning and care products. Now he was able to focus purely on all solutions that would benefit musicians everywhere. 

After spending a couple of years developing the highest quality Guitar and Drum Care products, developing proprietary formulations and testing them over and over with musicians, guitar and drum techs, and repair shops to perfect their state of the art product line, Music Nomad care and maintenance products were launched in 2010. The R&D team also set a goal to be environmentally friendly in what was developed without compromising quality. In addition, every purchase of MusicNomad products automatically contributes money to help musicians as a portion of the proceeds goes to various music non-profits that provide music instruments or music programs for kids in underserved communities, and fund where thousands of musicians each month discover resources, tips and articles to help them in their music career. We at SWAMP are delighted to now have the Music Nomad solutions available.