• TC Electronic Ditto Looper X2 Guitar Pedal

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    The TC Electronic Ditto X2 has evolved naturally from the Ditto Looper, and is designed to take your looping to the next level.

    TC Electronic Ditto Looper X2 Guitar Pedal
    The TC Electronic Ditto X2 has evolved naturally from the Ditto Looper, and is designed to take your looping to the next level. The intuitive, and versatile Ditto X2 is for when you want to get serious about looping, but without sacrificing that signature-simplicity that guitar players know and love from Ditto Looper.

    More Features in a Stereo Pedal
    The Ditto X2 is abound with features. A dedicated stop/clear footswitch, a LoopFx with settings for reverse and 1/2 speed, and the capability to run in true stereo mode. This is in addition to the already simple to use features of the original Ditto such as a loop level dial, true bypass, playback, undo, redo functions all of which are controlled by the switch, and the knob.

    Designed by Guitarists for Guitar Players
    The Ditto Looper X2 has a flat profile with well spaced controls and is easy to mount on the pedal board. The simple operation by of this pedal will let the guitarist focus on their performance and their playing, without having to worry about the technicality of their pedal.

    Import/Export from Computer with your Ditto X2
    Ditto Looper X2 can connect via USB with your computer to import or export audio, backing tracks and loops in (44.1 khz, 16-24 bit). Perfect for rehearsing or practicing, or for perfecting that backing track for use at a show to sit underneath will you rip out a solo.

    5 Minutes of Looping time, Uncompressed with Zero Latency!!!
    The Ditto Looper provides you with up to 5 minutes of looping time, produced in 24 bit uncompressed quality audio signal, ensuring no degradation in signal or tone. This means there will be zero latency in playback, ensuring a successful show

    All Analogue and True Bypass
    The Ditto has an analogue dry through and a True Bypass, which means that your guitar signal is kept in the analogue world. It is goes straight through unimpeded so that complete integrity of your tone is maintained

    Main Features:

    • Up to 5 minutes of looping
    • Unlimited Overdubs
    • True Bypass and Analogue Dry Through
    • Loop volume knob and function switch
    • 24 bit uncompressed high quality audio playback
    • Zero Latency or tone colouration
    • Import/Export loops from PC/Mac (44.1 khz, 16-24 bit)
    • Stereo In/Out
    • Loop FX (Reverse and ½ speed)




    - Loop Level Knob
    - Loop switch
    - FX Switch(Reverse and ½ speed)
    - Dedicated Stop/Clear footswitch


    2.13 inches (54 mm)

    Width: 5.31 inches (135mm)
    Depth: 4.44 inches (113 mm)

    0.512 kg


    Two part dies cast metal

    Stereo Input:

    2x Standard ¼” jack – mono/TS

    Stereo Output:

    2x Standard ¼” jack – mono/TS

    USB: Mini USB connection
    Power: 9vDC 100mA power supply (not included)

    Included in Box:

    1 x Ditto Looper X2 Pedal
    1x Ditto Looper Pedal Quickguide
    2 x rubber feet for "non Velcro" pedal board mounting
    1X Usb Cable
    1 x TC Electronic Sticker
    1 x leaflet about TC Electronic guitar FX range
    1 year warranty parts and labor

    PDF Manual

    View PDF brochure for TC Electronic Ditto Looper X2 Guitar Pedal

    Ditto X2

    By: on 4 September 2018
    Arrived safely and promptly. Inserted 1 battery. Created loop, works intuitively and very impressively. Tried to save loop to PC. Device not found. Added 2nd battery. Device not found. Went to local shop and bought 9v outer pin positive power supply and plugged in, device found! Loop saved! Another file sent to looper, success!! This is an excellent product! Order it with power supply to save hassle with undocumented feature! Oh, 2 instruments/1 amp needs a "Y" cable..... Only gave 4 stars because of crap instructions, otherwise would have rated a 5!

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    Label: TC-DITTO-X2

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