Multi-Effects Pedals

Some performers require a single effects pedal that contains many different electronic effects. Not only is this a positive for keeping a small footprint for the guitarist or bass player's setup, but also for programming complex and tonally sophisticated patches which are easy to recall. Nowadays, multi-effects pedals are not in any way compromising the quality of their sound, as some have in the past, but are a true and valid option to single pedal collections. Most importantly, keyboardists, vocalists and even drummers can take advantage of these multi-effects units.

The most common effects found in these units typically are distortion / overdrive; volume and compressors; filters such as wah-wah pedals, and graphic equalisers; modulation effects such as chorus, flangers and phasers; pitch effects such as pitch shifters and harmonisers; and time effects, such as reverbs and delays. Also commonly found in todays multi-effects are tuners, loopers, and amp / cab simulators. Some will offer hardware inputs and outputs such as DI outs and USB ports for firmware/software upgrades. Below are a selection of mult-effects pedals ideally for electric or acoustic guitarists and bass players.