Founded in 1988, the Soundking group is a global company established and based in China focusing on the R&D, engineering and manufacturing of pro audio equipment, musical instruments and digital cinema solutions. With the acquisitions of the three world-renowned brands-CADAC, Studiomaster and Carlsbro, Soundking now has the capability to provide remarkable one-stop manufacturing service in this industry. Our research teams based in Britain, the U.S. and Germany are composed of technical elites coming all over the world. 

Facing the wave of Digitization, to better meet our customers' expectations, soundking keeps increasing input into innovation and scientific research. After many years' hard-work, in 2016 Soundking launched the World's first 20-CH compact digital mixing console, the DM20. Winning numerous attention and adoration. In the future, Soundking will make persistent efforts in the field of digitized pro-audio and musical instruments, to bring our customers and the industry more professional, reliable and innovative products.

Soundking SKD310 Electronic Drum Kit

Soundking SKD310 Electronic Drum Kit

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