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Date Posted: 25 April 2019

Learn about the different types of microphones including condenser, dynamic, tube, USB, Ribbon and what applications they are commonly used for. Buying a mic for live stage use, can be different to buying a mic for a studio.

Alctron has been a successful OEM manufacturer for over 15 years, helping big brands make quality products at lower prices. They now market a wide range of items under their own brand which is growing strongly within China's growing MI market.

Date Posted: 24 May 2018

Easy to follow steps to update the firmware for the Soundking DM20 Digital Mixing Console, and the Soundking DB20P Digital Rack Mixer.

Date Posted: 2 October 2013

A guitar signal is unique because it passes direct from instrument to the amplifier without any pre-amplification. Fluctuations in the 'signal voltage' are used to represent the actual audio, and for this reason the H-Z (high impedance) signal type has 10

Date Posted: 25 August 2013

If you have just received your home recording package from SWAMP and are looking for some simple step by step instructions to the setup process, check out our latest guide. We run through everything from setting up the stand, mounting the vocal booth and

Date Posted: 22 August 2013

Pro audio mics all output mic level signals, which are quite weak and therefore susceptible to any interference . For this reason mic signals are also 'balanced', with the result being that most interference picked up along the length of the cable is canc

Date Posted: 13 September 2013

A line level signal is the standard audio signal level used for interconnecting different pieces of audio equipment. Line inputs are commonly found on mixing desks, usually under an XLR mic inputs, and the outputs of a mixer are always Line Level, ready t

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