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Date Posted: 4 November 2011

Whether browsing for strings online or standing in a music store, the numerous options for types of guitar strings can seem overwhelming. Here we’ll look at the different options available and explore how to best choose the perfect string for you.

Date Posted: 10 August 2011

Unsure whether to get an Overdrive or Distortion pedal...? Or ever wondered what the difference between a Phaser and Flanger pedal is? Swamp has put together a guide to help answer some of the common queries people have regarding guitar effect pedals. Use

Date Posted: 24 June 2011

At first glance, all acoustic guitars can seem basically the same. But these glances are deceiving, as there are literally thousands of types and models of acoustic guitars to choose...

Date Posted: 12 June 2011

For a professional and simple solution for recording audio into a computer, using an analog mixer with a USB or Firewire output is the easiest, and least expensive way to get record sounds digitally onto an PC, MAC or laptop computer.

Date Posted: 6 May 2011

RCA cables are the standard cable used to connect consumer A/V equipment such as TV's, DVD players and Foxtel boxes. RCA connections are also found in the pro audio field on mixing desks and...

Date Posted: 22 April 2011

Swamp's eNewsletter comes out every 2-3 months, includes news and information about new and popular products and categories. There is also often special product offers and discount coupons that allow further savings.

Date Posted: 14 April 2011

Whether you are constructing an elaborate sound system that will produce enough sound to fill a full 1,000 seat club, or wiring a couple speakers to amplify an acoustic guitarist in a small coffee house...

Date Posted: 16 March 2011

Audio shields are one of the most crucial defenses against unwanted noise in your sound system. However, with the different types of audio shield cables, the choice between them can seem daunting. Here, the three main types of audio shield cables are disc

Date Posted: 1 March 2011

Swamp is now an authorised Australian dealer of Neutrik AG audio connectors. We now have both the German made Neutrik AG and the Chinese made Ningbo Neutrik XLR and TRS connectors in stock.

Date Posted: 25 February 2011

Piezo pickups are designed to pick up audio signals from stringed acoustic instruments, of instruments with a hollow body, such as acoustic guitars, violins and cellos. Using a piezo pick-up can deliver far superior results on acoustic instruments compare

Date Posted: 19 February 2011

Even the most sheltered of musicians will no doubt one day encounter a DI box. These small boxes often found littered around stages allow for instruments such as guitars and keyboards to be plugged into XLR microphone inputs on mixing consoles.

Date Posted: 7 November 2010

So you have purchased your first guitar effect pedal and inevitably you are now looking to expand your collection? Or perhaps you already have a horde of sound tweaking beasts. Either way, unless you are rich or enjoy wasting money you are probably lookin

Date Posted: 23 October 2010

Sound recording comparisons of the Shure SM57 and iSK DM-57 dynamic instrument microphones. Recordings were taken in the same environment at the same time and demonstrate the similarities and differences between the two instrument mics.

Date Posted: 29 September 2010

Whether you are a seasoned pro audio expert or amateur home musician, at some point you will encounter phantom power. For many this occurs after purchasing a condenser microphone and wasting plenty of time trying to figure out why the thing isn’t working.

Date Posted: 27 September 2010

A TRS cable can carry either a balanced audio signal or a stereo audio signal. It depends on what audio output you connect the cable to. People often ask, “Are the TRS cables balanced?” The answer is “They can be, if you connect the cable between a balanc

Date Posted: 1 September 2010

Technically PA stands for Public Address, not Pro Audio as many people assume. The term public address literally means to ‘address’ the ‘public’. The public being a loud bunch of people, a system was obviously needed to amplify ones voice over that of the

Date Posted: 24 August 2010

Singers and vocalists will sometimes find themselves needing to plug their microphone into a guitar amplifier. Often for practice with other band members or in the home environment.

Date Posted: 14 July 2010

There are 3 things to note when plugging a "headphone level" signal from a laptop, Mp3 player or Ipod into a PA system via a balanced XLR microphone input. This type of input is often found on mixers, pre-amplifier's and all in one powered speakers...

Date Posted: 13 July 2010

Balanced audio cables can transfer an audio signal while canceling out noise and interference picked up along the length of the cable, providing they are connected to balanced inputs and outputs.

Date Posted: 10 December 2019

Easy to follow steps to update the firmware for the SWAMP SDM16i WiFi Digital Mixer

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