SWAMP Custom Cables

Need a custom audio cable made? Complete the form below to receive a quote for a cable constructed with any of the connectors and cable models that we stock on our website. Please allow up to 2 weeks for construction of custom jobs.

Note: only 1 type of cable can be quoted at a time (you can select multiple QTY's for each type)


1. Confirm the Length
- enter a number value in the "Length" field, against 1 type of cable

2. Confirm Connector A
- enter a number value in the "Connector A" field, against any suitable connector/s
- this selects the connector/s , for 1 end of the cable

2a. Confirm Connector B
- enter a number value in the "Connector B" field, against any suitable connector/s
- this selects the connector/s , for the other end of the cable

3. Confirm the Wiring
- if left blank we will apply 'standard wiring' for all mic, guitar and speaker cables
- for cables with different numbers of connectors at either end, please confirm the exact wiring for each pin

4. Select the Quantity
- enter a number to determine the quantity of this 1 type of cable you wish to be quoted for
- note there is discounts for mulitple quantities- if you wish to order a different type of cable

Video Demo/Guide