For the past 12 years, Alctron's highly professional Research and Development department have been designing and manufacturing a vast range of live sound and recording products. With everything from vintage style studio mics and tube microphones, to rack equalisers and processors, headphones, headphone amps, DI boxes, monitor distribution and even cable testing, Alctron has a solution. Alctron also have a large range of accessories that you didn't even know existed, and that you needed them! These include all sorts of mic shockmounts and clips, broadcast microphone stands, laptop stands, monitor speaker stands and headphone holders. 

Alctron’s mission statement is to provide a product and service that is “honest, trustworthy, quickly delivered, competitively priced, and quality assured”.

Brand News 10-Oct-2020: The popular MS180 series studio monitor stands from Alctron are back in stock in both 5" and 8" options. Sold in pairs from $125 with free shipping. With the tilting mechanism, they are ideal for getting your monitors in the correct position for mixing and mastering while still being able keep them desk mounted. They will also create more usable desk space. Made with a ultra heavy steel base and aluminium upright and constructed to a very high standard with excellent finishing and paint work. The speaker stands are made from solid steel, aluminium and rubber. The rubber cap in the top plate and four rubber pads reduce the vibration during the listening experience, effectively isolating the monitors from the desk surface. The top tray is non-slip for stable mounting. The pads under the base act as an anti-slip and anti-shock system. The solid steel and aluminium core components are built to last. Each stand can hold up to 15kg.