Date Posted: 17 February 2013

We were busy visiting pro audio trade-shows and meeting with manufacturers and factories late in 2012, sourcing the very best gear to add to our ever going range of musical equipment. We have just unloaded our latest shipment of goods containing both new

Date Posted: 11 January 2013

We at SWAMP are proud to announce we are now a proud dealer of the EC Custom shop guitar pedals. Made all completely by hand and tried and tested by the maker himself, these pedals pack all the punch and components that every guitarist needs in a pedal. <

Date Posted: 21 December 2012

We are excited to announce that Swamp has become an authorised dealer of Blue Microphones. These mics are among the best project recording microphones around, painstakingly tailored to specific applications to produce an unmatched frequency response. We'l

Date Posted: 12 December 2012

We're going retail for one day! With an open day this Saturday celebrating the launch of our new Canberra showroom. Showcasing the best of our product range in a new interactive showroom setup, as well additional product displays and a PA set up with live

Date Posted: 21 November 2012

With our new shipment comes some of our most popular items and some brand new ones. Including the ever popular speaker and microphone stands. All sizes of the acoustic foam and a brand new fibreglass panel and reel mounted multicores.  <br />

Date Posted: 26 October 2012

We have been busy unloading and organising a range of new stock that has just landed. Included is the old favorite BM-700 microphones, popular cable lengths and a brand new Microphone stand.

Date Posted: 28 September 2012

Warmer weather. Ideal for creativity - time to get ready for all those summer gigs- 12% off store wide. We have moved into a new office! With a new season also comes a new change for us here at SWAMP. We have just recently moved out of the garage and are

Date Posted: 26 September 2012

The rain played some havoc and caused a slight delay with the unload, but our latest shipment of goods have arrived and are ready for dispatch today. Back-ordered items that have come back in have all be packaged this morning ready for pick up today. Many

Date Posted: 24 July 2012

We are excited to announce we are now a dealer for Radial Engineering! Known for designing and producing the best DI boxes for professional studio and live use. As well an innovative "re-amping" device, allowing studio engineers to play back recorded trac

Date Posted: 16 July 2012

We have been busy unloading and organising a range of new stock that has just landed. Included are some drum kits and stands, new high quality guitar cases, multicores with monitor splits and a greater range of high quality audio cables.

Date Posted: 22 June 2012

Our mailing list's have just had a revamp! We now have specialised newsletter's for New Products, Specials, Schools/Uni's/Churches, Musicians/Bands and Music Teachers. Subscribe to one of the mailing lists, to receive a 15% discount coupon to use on the w

Date Posted: 18 June 2012

Brand new Phantom Power Supply USB audio interface's are now in stock. The UPM-1 and SPM002 are our new cost effective solution to power any condenser microphones. <br />

Date Posted: 6 June 2012

Some customers have reported that new our "Balanced / Mono" XLR to "Stereo" 3.5mm cables have not been working with some Camera and Laptop inputs. Found to be due to Pin1 and Pin3 on the XLR not being bridged. We have now bridged all remaining stock. Anyo

Date Posted: 24 May 2012

We at Swamp have been unpacking a whole new shipment with all new stock and some old favourites. The speaker and microphone stands are now back in stock so jump onto the website use the "FBSTANDS" coupon code for today only and get 15% off.

Date Posted: 15 May 2012

Mayday Clearance Sale help us clear our warehouse so we can re-model and reshape the swamp warehouse. Add the "maydays" coupon code at check out to receive 10% off your order (expires 1st June). Also find out what items we have on sale such as our 20x she

Date Posted: 6 May 2012

ART is an innovative pro audio brand producing the ARTcessories range of audio devices, designed to enable musicians and audio engineers the ability to convert, split, isolate or record audio signals between a range of consumer and professional level devi

Date Posted: 3 May 2012

Much of our range of acoustic guitars from Artist are now back and stock available for order. Artist acoustic guitars offer exception quality and price point, enabling beginners and intermediate players to purchase an instrument will take them forward in

Date Posted: 18 April 2012

Recording examples of the iSK DSM-7A Drum Mic Set, by Mike from WindChime. Includes both raw and then produced version of the recorded sound grab, so you can see just what is possible with this drum mic set. Let us know what you think.

Date Posted: 20 March 2012

MARCH MAYHEM! Sale - Our March newsletter includes a 10% Store-wide Discount (expires April 1st). Also find information on our most interesting new product arrivals, including Mic Split Snakes and Corner Bass Traps.

Date Posted: 14 March 2012

A new home page has been created to enable customers to navigate our ever growing product range with greater ease and provide information regarding product promotions, new products and categories and back in stock items. Any feedback that can be provided

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