Date Posted: 2 June 2015

A power conditioner is an essential addition to any home recording studio. A power conditioner offers surge protection and noise filtering which is integral when using expensive and sensitive gear. A power conditioner also filters unwanted noise created b

Date Posted: 14 May 2015

Our latest shipment of Pasgao wireless gear has arrived and restocked models have just become available for order. The shipment includes a new model that will be offered at an even more affordable price point and comes in single and dual receiver options.

Date Posted: 26 March 2015

Our PAJ series powered speaker range - 10", 12" and 15" boxes - 150W, 180W, 250W Bi-Amped configuration delivers a high SPL level (power output) for the given Watt ratings. All models now come with Bluetooth connectivity, enabling a simple connection to y

Date Posted: 20 February 2015

Our range of affordable and functional studio workstations and 19" racks allow any home musician to create a professional workspace for mixing and mastering your work. Studio's and rehearsal rooms can put to use our 19" racks to house all types of rack pr

Date Posted: 12 February 2015

"After using my trusted Shure combo on snare drums for years, the Beta 57A on top and the SM57 on the bottom, and I felt no compulsion to change. That was until I heard the sound of the Blue microphones encore 100i." Here is our review of the 100i for sna

Date Posted: 1 November 2014

Latest container has just been unloaded in Canberra. Our popular PY-28 and ZY-35 acoustic foam models are restocked. The majority of our cable range is now in back in stock with a huge order from our cable factory arriving. New products to arrive include

Date Posted: 15 September 2014

Having seen a few guitar tuner pedals over the years, with many handling the rigours of the road less successfully than those that used them, I was naturally intrigued when the TC Polytune started appearing on pedal boards. At first, I thought the pedal w

Date Posted: 5 September 2014

Our latest container of goods has just been unloaded at our Canberra warehouse. Our entire ABS rack case range is now in stock, and we have re-stocked on all MOEN and JOYO guitar effects pedals. Also in this shipment were our new models of SWAMP mixing de

Date Posted: 21 August 2014

Its been some time in the making, but finally SWAMP's expanded range of PA speakers and power amplifiers have landed. Including a greater range of powered speaker boxes, as well as a range of high power, professional passive speaker and matching power amp

Date Posted: 19 July 2014

We now stock a wider range of FOSTEX studio monitors, ideal for the musician or producer. Re-known for their flat frequency response, excellent stereo imaging and detailed, even sound makes them ideal for mixing in a home studio. We have also just dropped

Date Posted: 14 June 2014

We've done the heavy lifting and unloaded a container of new stock including 19" rack stands and studio workstations. Having taken a large number of pre-orders, especially on the workstations, stock may have limited availability so we recommend to get in

Date Posted: 22 May 2014

Some of our popular products are currently out of stock, but rest assured they are on order and due to arrive shortly. We have now enabled Pre-Ordering on most of these products being re-stocked. Pre-Order now and you can look in a discount up to 20% off

Date Posted: 19 May 2014

A new '19" Rack Mountable' mixing desk range is coming soon! To make way for the new stock, the current S series USB mixers have had a price drop. Now is a great time to grab a new mixer for live use or recording if you don't require the rack mounting opt

Date Posted: 28 March 2014

I had been searching for a small, compact, and clean sounding Acoustic DI for awhile, when the Radial SB-1 found its way into our showroom. it didn't take very long for me to hit up the boss and say "Hey, can i take this out for a road test on a show i'm

Date Posted: 21 February 2014

our friends from RÜFÜS performed a 'Like a Version' cover at triple j this morning. Mashing up 'My Number' by Foals and Booka Shade's 'Charlotte'. Awesome cover, be sure to check out the video, see if you can spot any love for Swamp Industries ...

Date Posted: 19 February 2014

We here at Swamp have recently added to our stock a range of Cable Trays and Cable Guards in two colours (yellow and black), in 2 sizes (80cm and 1m) and in various pack sizes. These items are a necessity to not only protect your cables, but to minimise r

Date Posted: 13 December 2013

To celebrate the opening of our Canberra showroom every Saturday, we are having a 1 day sale this Saturday 14th of December @ 3/51 Wollongong St, Fyshwick, ACT. Mention you say this message and get a 12% OFF discount* on the day! We hope to see you tomorr

Date Posted: 2 September 2013

Swamp now not only stocks one of Australia's largest ranges of analog audio cables, we now also carry our own line of Swamp branded digital cables. As the digital world expands around us we all have increasing needs for digital interconnects. Everything f

Date Posted: 19 August 2013

iSK's latest model of home recording vocal booth, the RF-5, is listed and now available. The perforated rear panel gives an improvement in the mid-range acoustics compared to the RF-2 model. A stylish design also improves on the previous model, giving a r

Date Posted: 6 May 2013

Swamp has a free double pass to TOOL's sellout Sydney show this Friday (3rd May) to GIVE AWAY!

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