SWAMP SDM16i Digital Mixer - 16 Input - 6 Output WiFi


SWAMP SDM16i WiFi Digital Mixer - 16 Input, 6 Output

Web-Based HTML5 Software iOS/Android/Mac/Windows/Linux

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The SDM16i is a digital mixer, controllable via Wi-Fi and Ethernet via the web-based control software - compatible for all device types and supports up to 10 simultaneous users. It has 16 mic preamps, 4 Aux outputs, Parametric EQ, Compression, Gate, FX.


SDM16i Digital Mixer - Web-Based Cross Platform Controller Software
The SDM16i is a WiFi enabled digital mixer utilising HTML5 technology, making the control software compatible with any web browser. Supports up to 10 devices simultaneously. Featuring 16 mic preamps, digital I/O, USB connection for recording / playback, stable built-in WiFi router and Ethernet port, dual FX units, and 4 aux outputs, compressor, noise gate. Mix from the stage, with all band members able to connect simultaneously to mix their own monitoring. Save your settings and scenes from each venue, or show or instant recall in future.

16 Mic Inputs with 48V Phantom Power and 2 Hi-Z Guitar Inputs
There are 16 combo XLR / Jack inputs, and the first two are also Hi Z inputs for direct connection of guitars and basses. Each of the 16 inputs have phantom power available. The 4 Aux outputs can be used as foldback monitor or IEM sends. Digital I/O is available via SPDIF. The master outputs are via XLR and TRS jacks. The XLR outs are paralleled to the jack outputs and simultaneously outputs the master signal. The headphone mix, with its own control, can be used as another output bus. There is a master level control for left and right signals on the front of the mixer for hand on control of master volume.

Built-In WiFi Router
The SDM16i has a reliable built-in WiFi router meaning there is no need to use or install an external router. Any device which has a web browser, (e.g. smartphones, iPads and tablets, or MAC / PC computers) can connect to the mixer control software via the mixer's WiFi hotspot.. Using the Ethernet port and cat5e cable, it is also possible to connect the SDM16i to an external router and WiFi network.  This allows users connected to the external router's WiFi, to be install able to access the control software by simply entering a static IP address into a web browser. Ideal for installations at clubs, bars and venues as anyone connected to the WiFi at the premises can use a smart device or computer to control the mixer. Allowing for musicians to use their own device for mixing on stage, and giving staff the ability to control the software using their own device, all at the same time, from anywhere within the venue. It can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. This allows for band members to control their IEM mixes individually, and mix for Front of House as well. With 4 Aux outputs, you can have 4 different monitor sends going to foldback wedges, and each member of the band can control their mix. Ethernet is provided to hardwire a connection to a MAC or PC computer for mixing.

Mixer Control Software
Controlling the SDM16i couldn't be easier. After connecting via the internal WiFi hotspot or an external router's WiFi, simply load any web browser window and enter a simple URL (static IP address that never changes). You can then control all of the powerful features this mixer has to offer. Designed with an intuitive UI that anyone with basic knowledge of mixing consoles can follow, even if not previously experienced with digital mixer controllers. The mixing page is laid out easily for use, with page selections for controlling inputs, busses and aux sends. Each important function is one screen press away, rather than having to go through menu systems. The UI is built with responsive HTML, meaning it will work on any screen size in either portrait or landscape orientations. Larger screens will give more room for each channel, but on standard size tablets the SDM16i is set out with wider spaces on the screen for channel control compared to rival models in this class.

Dual Multi-FX Processors
The SDM16i provides two digital multi-effects processors. Featuring a range of high quality digital effects, including reverb, delay, and chorus. Add effects to any channel, and select to route to either the FX1 or FX2 bus. Select your effect type for FX processor and then tweak the parameters to get your ideal effect. Save and name the setting for later recall. Comes pre-loaded with useful effect settings to get you started.
Parametric EQ, Compression, Noise Gate
Each channel input has dynamic processors including a 4-band parametric equaliser with high-pass and low-pass filters, compressor with threshold and ratio adjustable using touch screen on the graph and a noise gate that is simply to use. Every output also has its own parametric EQ, compressor and gate so you can adjust the equalisation of outputs to suit room types and reduce feedback frequencies on foldback monitors. Tailor settings and then save and name them for future recall on any channel.

Learn more in the Product Manual.

  • Compact and Portable Digital Mixer
  • Built-In WiFi Router and Ethernet Connectivity
  • Connect to any device with a web browser available (up to 10 devices simultaneously) for Mixing
  • 16 Combo Inputs with 48V Phantom Power
  • Master Output Controls
  • 4 Aux Outputs
  • SPDIF Digital I/O
  • Main, Sub, FX, AUX, and Monitor Mix Busses
  • 4-Band Parametric EQ, Noise Gate, Limiter and Expander
  • 2 Digital Multi-Effects Processors
  • Snapshot / Scene Save and Recall
  • USB Port -  Record Stereo Bus, and Playback Audio Files via USB, upgrade firmware.
  • 2x 19" rack mountable ears included (5U space required)




Number of processing channels: 16 input channels, S/PDIF in and out, 1 stereo USB return channel, 2 FX  channels, 4 aux buses, main LR
Internal effects engines: 2 true stereo
Signal processing: 40-bit floating point
A/D-D/A conversion: 24-bit @ 44.1 / 48 kHz, 114 dB A/D dynamic range
Analog I/O latency*: Microphone input-ADC-DSP-DAC- Line out:﹤1ms
Mic Preamps: 16 XLR (combo jacks) balanced
Line inputs: 14 TRS, balanced (CH3 to CH16)
Hi-Z inputs: 2 TS, unbalanced
Main outputs: 2 XLR + 2 1/4", balanced
Aux outputs: 4 XLR, balanced
Phones outputs: 1 TRS
Ethernet: 1 RJ45
USB port: Type A (Maximum current: 500mA)
Mic Input Characteristics  
Preamp design: Low Noise, High Gain APC Mic Pre
THD + noise: -20Dbfs @ 1kHz 0.0078%
Phantom power, switchable per input: 48 V
Noise Level: (A Weighting)-78.64 dBFS / (20/20k Bandpass)-75.98dBFS
Input/Output Characteristics  
Frequency range, @ 48 kHz sample rate, 0 dB to -1 dB: 20Hz~20kHz
Mic input impedance XLR bal: 2.5kΩ
Non-clip maximum input level, XLR: +13 dBu
Hi-Z input impedance TS jack, unbal: 1 MΩ
Line input impedance TRS jack, bal: 10 kΩ
Non-clip maximum input level, TRS: +13 dBu
Output Characteristics  
Output impedance, XLR, bal.: 100Ω
Output level, XLR, max.: +23 dBu
Output impedance, TRS, bal.: 100Ω
Output level, TRS, nom./max.: +23 dBu
Equivalent noise: -121.16dBu
WLAN Module
Switch-mode power supply: 88~265VAC Automatic induction (47Hz/63Hz)
WiFi Frequency: 2.4GHz
Power consumption: ﹤25W
Standard operating temperature range: Temperature range:5℃~45℃
Storage temperature: -20℃~60℃
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Digital Mixer

By: Peter robert Cornish on 23 December 2020
It is great has more features than I expected

Brilliant product

By: Vince Lavery on 9 September 2020
I was a little sceptical about this at the price point but took a chance based on everything else I bought from Swamp being very good. I have been using this unit now for a while and find it suits out 5 piece brilliantly. Great quality, great sound also very intuitive. If there is any room for improvement it would be a basic start up manual with a step through for the less technically gifted among us (me) Also a possible improvement might be a guide on combining effects and dynamics for vocals and different instruments. That said these are small 1 per enters that would help not a reason not to go ahead and buy. This is an excellent entry to the digital mixer market.

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