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Date Posted: 14 August 2019

SWAMP Industries is proud to present the new PBO range of powered speakers, available in 10", 12" and 15" sizes. Each of these speakers are excellent for FOH as well as stage monitor functions.

Date Posted: 15 September 2019

Focusrite’s Gen 3 line of Scarlett interfaces has recently launched, bringing with it even lower latency and the ‘Air’ feature for a top-end boost for your mic preamp. Previously exclusive to Focusrite’s range of high end studio equipment.

Date Posted: 27 August 2019

Founded in 1982, Warwick is a leading brand for guitar effect pedalboards and power supplies. Options for each pedal bridge with a soft bag or hard flight case so you can transport your pedal board securely.

Date Posted: 13 June 2019

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, and with ever-expanding in-built camera designs and quality, the need for creative and high-tech audio solutions in the A/V is now greater - here is where COMICA steps in.

For many people not experienced in music, the ukulele can still be a challenge to learn and master, even with its sizable benefits. Here’s ten great tips to help you get started. We’re covering everything from what ukes to buy to tips on how to get the mo

Date Posted: 5 December 2018

If you’ve been wanting an easy way to introduce your child to music, there’s no better time than the holiday season. Figuring out what gifts for kids to pick up this year means that you’ve got a great opportunity to introduce music to your family.

Date Posted: 3 April 2019

If you’re a guitarist that’s been living under some sort of musical rock for the past couple of decades, you might not be privy to all the amazing things a solid pedalboard can do for your playing. Here is a guide for setting up the ultimate pedalboard.

Date Posted: 20 December 2018

Wireless Bluetooth headphones play essential roles in an individual's entertainment life. Usually, the bluetooth headphones permit you to enjoy various activities including streaming music and answering calls without necessarily using cables.

Date Posted: 3 October 2018

One of the most famous Japanese brands, Audio-Technica was formed in 1962 as a turntable cartridge manufacturer. Their high quality cartridges propelled the business into developing other products which would be used by many creatives around the world.

Date Posted: 12 November 2018

Looper pedals are devices that record parts of your performance and play them back for as long as you want them to. Most looping pedals now have the ability to record multiple layers on top of each other and some even give guitarists the option to add in

Date Posted: 4 December 2018

Sescom produce high performance audio professional interface products for the pro audio industry, and we're happy to now have Sescom at SWAMP!

Date Posted: 28 September 2018

The gauge of a guitar string refers to its diameter (thickness). Why is gauge important? Because there’s a great deal of difference in tone and feel across different gauges. From Mandolin to 5 string bass, you must match your gauge to your style!

G7th capos are now available at SWAMP! G7th are a small boutique company specializing in guitar capo solutions. With a strong focus on design, G7th have grown to produce a range of aesthetically pleasing and highly functional capos.

Date Posted: 23 August 2018

SWAMP is delighted to have Focusrite on board as part of our audio interface solutions. The 2nd Generation Scarlett USB range provides a broad and flexible feature set, without compromising on the high quality mic preamps that Focusrite are known for.

Date Posted: 15 August 2018

Are you considering buying coated strings, but not sure if uncoated may be better for your sound and playing style? Check our guide that compares coated vs uncoated strings. We'll help you decide on - longer lasting strings, or bright tone?

Date Posted: 3 August 2018

SWAMP are pleased to welcome another new brand - ZOOM! The best in portable recording and multi FX processing, the company has established a solid reputation as a manufacturer of innovative yet affordable digital audio products for over 30 years.

Date Posted: 23 June 2018

TASCAM’s very foundation was based on how to use the latest technology to benefit the musician and the recording studio. It started as a research and development group in 1971 in Japan, within the visionary TEAC Corporation.

Date Posted: 3 June 2018

Podcasting has become a phenomena, and creating a professional-sounding podcast is not as simple as it might seem. USB microphones make podcasting simple as they do not require any external audio interface or phantom power, simply plug in and record.

Date Posted: 14 May 2018

Click Frenzy is Australia’s most recognised online sale event, and has become the Australia's version of the "Cyber Monday" sales event in the US. For the best click frenzy deals on audio cables musical equipment and pro audio gear SWAMP has you covered!

Date Posted: 16 March 2018

If you are in the market for a live mixer, the ZOOM Livetrak L-12 also provides a multi-channel audio interface and a standalone recorder as well. It is a perfect device for those re-entering live and recording music, podcasters, bands and venues.

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